Into the Desert

I'm sitting on the top of the boat writing this, watching the Kazakh flag waving in the wind as Aktau grows larger on the horizon. After a long wait for the boat and a visa I'm finally going to be stepping into the 16th country of my trip, and consequently the desert.  We left Tbilisi... Continue Reading →


Adventures In Georgia 

In a few days I'll be leaving Georgia and heading into Azerbaijan to catch a ferry across the Caspian Sea. Georgia has been absolutely incredible, every other day a real adventure.  The first thing I wanted to do after 1000km of flat coastal riding was head into the mountains. I had heard a lot about... Continue Reading →

New Country, (Mostly) New Bike

So I've hit my 14th country, Georgia. It doesn't feel like I was in Turkey a month or that I travelled over 2000km whilst I was there. Turkey felt like such a huge country whenever I checked my progress on the map but now it seems to have flown by. When I reached the coast... Continue Reading →

First steps into Asia

I'd spent around six months in Bulgaria and I was sad to leave but my last few days were some of the best. I've got a new mapping app on my phone and before I got used to the settings it was in "Adventure" mode. The roads it was taking me down weren't roads, barely... Continue Reading →

Back on the Road (ish) 

Winter is over! At least it was a week ago, it snowed yesterday but that's not the point. The blossom is out, the birds are singing and it's green everywhere.  I spent around four months working in Bobby's bar in Borovets, a ski resort in Bulgaria. I went to escape the cold but although I... Continue Reading →

The Last Adventure of the Year

It's really winter now. As I'm writing it's snowing and -2°C so I'm glad that I'm sitting inside and not shivering out in the wilds somewhere.  I finished off my placement in the South of Bulgaria and headed towards Greece. It was a long uphill to the mountain pass that acts as a border. When... Continue Reading →

Waiting Out Winter 

With the seasons changing and the temperature dropping it's getting less desirable to be sleeping outside at night, shivering under a tarp. The pacing of this adventure is changing now and that's taking a bit of getting used to. Rather than being on the move everyday I'm staying stationary with brief moments of travel spliced... Continue Reading →

Final part of the Danube

It's been nearly four days since I've found somewhere with WiFi so I thought that now would be a good time to get round to updating the blog. At the moment I'm in Romania and some lovely guys at a petrol station are giving me coffee, feeding me, letting me use their electricity, washing my... Continue Reading →

Back on the Road 

After nearly a month in Slovakia I've finally got back on the bike. After saying goodbye to Andrej and Anna I set off towards Bratislava to try to sell some carvings. Unfortunately as soon as I put some stuff down some police came and moved me on. There were a lot of police around and... Continue Reading →

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